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Couples Counselling

What is Couples Counselling?


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You may as a couple be experiencing loneliness or loss of connection in your relationship. Maybe you find yourselves no longer talking together as you used to and feel like you’re drifting apart.  You want to find a way forward to be better understood, and to better understand your partner.

Couples Counselling can be helpful for any two people who have a relationship together. While this may mean two people who are married, it also means couples in a civil partnership or any other arrangement where two people are in relationship together.

Couples Counselling provides a safe and confidential space for two people to talk together with a trained professional about the problems they are experiencing within their relationship. It differs from individual counselling where the focus is on the individual and focuses instead on the relationship happening between the couple.

For Couples experiencing difficulties in their relationship, or simply wishing to find more effective ways to communicate and connect with each other, couples counselling can help to improve your relationship by learning how to get both of your needs met while learning to communicate more effectively together.

There are many reasons why a couples’ relationship may be facing difficulties, however it is not necessary to be at breaking point before seeking the support of a couples’ counsellor. Indeed, many couples seek counselling to prevent their relationship from reaching breaking point.


Some of the difficulties couples may be facing might include:


Difficulties, or a breakdown, in communication

Differing views of roles within the relationship

Loss of trust

Changing life goals

Life transitions


Differing parenting expectations

Work/financial stress


Abusive behaviour

Sexual problems.


holding hands with sea view in backgroundAs with individual counselling and psychotherapy there is no limit to what can be talked about in couples counselling, however some difficulties may need a therapist with specialist training or experience.  We can discuss this if it applies when you contact me.

Most couples who attend counselling do so because they are looking for healthier ways of relating to each other in order to improve their relationship. Together they can learn both how to talk with, and listen to, their partner and find ways to improve their relationship in a way that works for them.

For some couples it might be that couples counselling means they decide that separation is the best way forward for them, so that they then work towards a more positive ending of the relationship.


Appointments and Fees:


The fee for Couples Counselling is £60/hour.

I currently see couples who want support with their relationship both online via Zoom (if Cottingham is too far) and face to face.

Appointments are available Monday-Thursdays 9-4pm, or Saturday morning 9-1 pm (Zoom only on Saturdays).


To arrange to speak to me and/or to book an appointment, please contact me via the contact form, or by leaving a message on my phone: 07598 237236. I aim to respond to messages within 24 hours.

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