My Boarding School Experience (Part 1)

  Someone told me they’d be interested in reading about my experience of boarding school, so I was going to write a blog post about it. I say ‘going to’ like I didn’t write it. I did write it, but didn’t share it. I’m curious about that. Boarding school is one of those things that […]

Continuing Counselling during Covid-19 Self-Isolation

With the Covid-19 virus beginning to impact more on people’s lives, and livelihoods, in the UK there is a sense of greater anxiety in many, not all, people. For myself I hop between ‘it’s okay’ to fear for family members with serious underlying health conditions for whom catching this virus would be far from ‘okay’. […]

Knitting Therapy!

I was thinking recently, on my way home from a weekend of training, about the TA concept of Life Script, which was not what we were discussing at training, weird how my mind wanders sometimes! And from Life Script my mind went to knitting and all the little jumpers, hats, trousers and toys that I […]